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This blog will follow Art's experiences as he walks across America on The Walk of Life. You can share your support for him or talk about your dedications to your loved ones that you have lost or are fighting some illness. Please leave comments and words of encouragement!

Walking day #73...Saturday, October 13, 2012...from west of Belle Fourche to St. Onge, South Dakota

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on Monday, 15 October 2012 in The Walk Blog

well day 73 out on the road...did I say something about "computers and tequila tools of the devil!!!"???...I just spent a half an hour waxing poetic and literary only to loose the information  aaaahhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!...enough to drive me even MORE insane!!!...OK let's give this another go...22.1 miles (35.6452 km's) with 41,482 steps, for the week that would be 6 days of walking for 131.2 miles (211.6129 km's) in 246,308 steps...trip-to-date 1522.1 miles (2455 km's) with 2,873,283 steps just a little over one third of the journey...findings for the day: 2 quarters & 2 pennies (just change in South Dakota), 1 CB radio antenna, 1 set of Dodge keys with house key and mail box keys attached, 1 yellow Ferrari (filled with dirt and sand so I guess it won't work very well!!!) and 1 bracelet with little charms attached to each link with "Manuel Zed" on the back on four of the links (a name?)...a very good day for walking, sunshine, not too hot with a very nice tail wind pushing me along...I always attempt to imagine the conversations that preceded the various items to the road-side, "two sets of car keys, who needs 'em, one otta work just fine" or "Manuel, I hate you and here see if you find find your bracelet now!" or "Jimmy if you keep driving that Ferrari over your little brother's head it's going to get tossed out the window! OK I warned you!!!" or "Ernie did you tighten up that antenna?"...rather odd how formerly useful stuff becomes road-side litter (or treasures) for some odd-ball who comes strolling by...Saturday night we had dinner at a little Mexican place just next door to the RV park, VERY tasty!!! after which I caught a cab downtown to do a wee bit of bar hopping...Saturday night in Spearfish at the B & D Bar, cold beer and blues then a bit later across the street at Horses to Harleys for more cold beer and pool with the locals, Dave, Sara, Wyatt and Sondra followed by a rather wise cab ride home...Sunday Mom got to go to church and I got to watch football all day, finally found a person of intelligence from DISH (not much there!!!) that was able to get the local channels (Jack from the Phillipenes), nice guy and unlike MOST for the people at DISH he knew what he was doing and got me connected right away...Monday ! got the tires rotated on the Jeep while Mom did some laundry...thank you Mike Huber of Green's Brakes & Alignment in Belle Fourche for doing an excellent job at a very reasonable price, it is nice to see people take pride in a job well done!!!...thanks, Becky for the good food and good service at the Belle Inn for breakfast (wanna be my driver!?!?!?), made arrangements to have the slide on the Beaver looked at in Whitewood tomorrow to get the slide fixed...looks like all I have to do now is get the slide fixed, find a driver, walk another 3000 miles and life will be back on an even keel, until the next curve ball served up by "LIFE"!!!...see ya'll down the road...cheers!!!

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D Joan Bund
D Joan Bund
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D Joan Bund Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Do I have to start all over again like Art did. My problem was to spell check after I had finished my comment and in moving it back and forth, because the printing is so small and when I make it bigger I do have to move it around, so this time you will just have to bear with my typos, because we have to get up early tomorrow to move the big Beaver.
Well I was saying that once again I was out of my comfort zone driving thro those big spaghetti roads with
Art far far away, looking for another parking spot for the jeep. Yes, he directed me fine with our little radios even tho I had no idea where he was "Just follow the bread crumbs, 'Mom and listen very closely to my directions and you will be fine." yes, I was, but I was also sure glad to get back in the country and see that yellow clad man with the brown hat and orange medicine bag walking down the left side of the road. After that St Onge was a piece of cake. That is probably where we will leave the big Beaver for the day while we chalk up some more miles and then move her on to Whitewood.
Going to church yesterday was a blast. I found a very nice lady who turned out to be the Belle organist and lived only about ten minutes from our KOA camping spot, to pick me up and bring me home again. As it was Ward conference it was rather a different service and during Sunday school and RS I also got to contribute, which was so neat. After the very spiritual services we finished with a great pot luck lunch and even some food that I could eat. Thanks so much for those that brought the veggies and the spaghetti squash. I bet the squash was out of someone's garden. It was delish. Thank you Darla, for taking me under your wing, for your beautiful music, and conversation and the rides. I appreciated it very much because I am sure I would never have found the church on my own. I hope you read this and know how much I enjoyed your company and service to me. Now I am not going to do spell check, in case I lose it again. Just encourage all you good people I gave cards to, that you look at Arts story and follow a least the last few blogs.

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