Thursday February 27 , 2020
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This blog will follow Art's experiences as he walks across America on The Walk of Life. You can share your support for him or talk about your dedications to your loved ones that you have lost or are fighting some illness. Please leave comments and words of encouragement!

Walking day #55...Wednesday, September 19, 2012...International Day of Peace

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on Thursday, 20 September 2012 in The Walk Blog

today we stopped RIGHT at the door-step of the motor home with 24.1 miles(38.8710 km's) under 45,139 steps ending at the Little Montana Truck Stop in Grass Range, MT...a VERY special thanks to Paula and Andy for the comped meal, you ARE very kind!!!...picked up one dime and one quarter in loose change and a dog collar(no dog)...since we are in missile country there must have been an alert or practice of some sort as there were military vehicles of all sorts running from place to place, three helicopters as well, all with guns bared!!! what a way to celebrate International Day of Peace...I guess those who have no value for family, friends, freedom or human life never got the memo so THEY continue to attempt to destroy our way of life, it is one thing to disagee, quite another to actively seek to destroy!?!?!?...for what , in the name of god!?!?!?...gimme a break AND do NOT get me started...America, take note, WE respect the sovereignty of nations and DO NOT COLONIZE!!!...hmmmmmmmmm looks like a wee bit of self examination is in order...OK so much for the soap box!!!, Thursday, was spent with my driver taking of with her new found friends and me running errands in Lewistown, laundry done, fly swatter bought, hat for Mom bought, green slime for Mom bought, picked up new shoes DONE!!!, power outlet for Jeep rigged thanks to Chris at O'Reilly Auto Parts, forgot the apple sauce and cottage cheese and unable to find replacement bottles for the soap dispenser (am I the ONLY on the planet who has broken one!?!?!?)...also got to stop and chat with few service people who are out here protecting the missiles, a nice bunch of kids with Sargent White riding herd, God Bless the service people, as long as there are people who seek to destroy I am glad I have these guys & girls watching MY back, now the politicians that is ANOTHER story, both sides of the isle feeding at the public trough, perhaps our elected SERVANTS might be willing to take a pay and benefit cut to let it trickle down to the common folk (US!!!) I doubt it until we get term limitations we will have NOTHING but money grubbing, power hungry,bottom feeding scum in Washington, I for one will voice my opinion this November and seek out those who are willing to create and seek positive bi-partisan solutions to tough issues...there now that I have said my piece, thanks to all for your interest and support in this excursion...cheers!!!

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