Wednesday October 21 , 2020
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This blog will follow Art's experiences as he walks across America on The Walk of Life. You can share your support for him or talk about your dedications to your loved ones that you have lost or are fighting some illness. Please leave comments and words of encouragement!

Walking Day #131...Monday, January 7, 2013...into Pine Bluff, Arkansas...thanks, Dale!!!

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on Wednesday, 09 January 2013 in The Walk Blog

What is a good walk without a few wrong turns and slow traffic?  After a weekend of light traffic Monday morning brought typical urban slow traffic as we attempted to navigate through Little Rock to Redfield where we left off Sunday evening.  Each urban area has its navigational challenges and Little Rock is no exception.  I think when The Walk is over I will go back through each area I walked and make "suggestions" as how to improve signage for rubes who come through for the first time.  That is ALL I have to say about that. The area between Redfield and Pine Bluff is rather scenic. I picked up a new safety light for the support vehicle as the "new" small one died on me.  Walking into Pine Bluff I was greeted by two gentlemen at the end of the cemetery.  Actually when I first saw the two men I thought someone was doing and advertising photo shoot for the cemetery or a funeral home. As it turns out they were shooting pictures of me (be still my ego!).  Michael Lee, reporter and his side-kick, William Harvey (looks like a "BILL") where there to get a story on none else than your favorite walker.  At least thirty minutes later they had the beginnings of a story and I had a little brake in the action (such as walking can be!?).  It was a rather pleasant conversation with Michael frantically scribbling notes as I mounted my soap-box and proceeded to pontificate in a manner all too familiar to me!  (HEY, us narcissists can't help it if we like tho sound of our own voices!!!).  After the photo-op and the interview I proceeded into Pine Bluff proper for more adventures   I was approached by a man in a parking lot who struck up a conversation with me.  As it turns he was panhandling.  Jeremiah got a fiver out of me for eloquence, quickness and creativity, the dude outta be in radio, selling used cars or real estate!  Several wrong turns, much map consulting, a consultation with a police officer (Lord have mercy!!!) and some rather fast walking we finished up on the corner of Convention Center Drive and 6th Avenue shortly after dark.  Just a few minutes prior to stoping for the day a woman pulled up across from me and called out.  Due to some traffic noise I did not hear what she said.  After crossing the street I heard her say "you are taking money aren't you?", at which time she made a contribution and wished me well.  Thank you, Dale, for your good wishes and for your contribution.  Camp UTADA will put it to good use.

We managed 20.1 miles (32.4194 km's), 40,607 steps and $1.88 in loose change picked up.  The findings for the day: 1 McDonalds Happy Meal toy (Leonardo the Mutant Turtle), 1 deep #10 socket, 6 quarters, 4 nickels and 18 pennies.


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