This week a couple of milestones have been set...3.5+ million steps have been taken and 1,900+ the end of next week I will have over 2,000 miles (3,225 km's) and be just shy of 4 million steps...November 17th will be approximately one half the way there, certainly for distance AND for time WHEN the new driver shows up, WILL that driver be YOU!?!?!? day we logged 22 miles even (35.4839 km's) using 45,563 steps...findings for the day: 1 Craftsman flathead screw driver (a little bent) a blue with white lettering magnetic sign "MIDDLE SCHOOL" approximately 24"x8"...wildlife sighting: 2 white-tailed deer feeding in a corn field started about nine miles west of Broken Bow and finished about a mile or two shy of Ansley...Ansley is the decision point, continue on route 2 to Grand Island or make a south turn on 183...there are pros and cons to each...decision time will be no later than about 35 minutes after the walk begins tomorrow, right now Grand Island is the leading candidate, stay tuned for this momentous decision...dinner was had at Huckleberrys a local restaurant specializing in brisket, as "they" say "they done good", brisket was yummy, HOWEVER the pulled pork was OUTSTANDING...well after dumping the tanks, pouring over maps, talking to Val (sister) talking to Vic (brother), having a glass of wine I am still no closer to making a decision as to route, so I guess I will have another glass of wine, waste some time on FaceBook and sleep on it!!!...cheers!!!