The Walk of Life had its genesis over a long period of time and at various levels.  Ever since Jonathan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I wanted to do something to honor that.  At one time it was to ride a bike and another thought was to run.  It wasn't until I saw a news story about a former NFL football player who walked across the country in ten months that I considered walking.  About this same time my daughter Staci and son-in-law Todd where thinking about taking a year long road-trip which sounded fun.  With back surgery and the market crash I was not in a very good frame of mind.  When Ross was diagnosed with cancer and his subsequent chemo ordeal I began to feel less sorry for myself and come out of my funk.  Ross passed away and Cec was diagnosed with cancer and then he too passed away I started to get serious about doing something with my life that would make a difference.  I did NOT want not die with my music still in me and I did have a song to sing.  At some point my dear friend Marc Fauler pulled the line by "Red" in Shawshank Redemption, "Get busy liven or get busy diein" on me I knew I had to do something.  The final straw was at Unity Church in Seattle when the minister played "Dream Rangers" (look it up on the web) about the five old men riding motorcycles. I had to act.  My best friend on the planet, Stan Lucas, came up with The Walk of Life and the rest is history.  Here I sit in Broken Bow, Nebraska "liven"!!!  Thank you to all who inspired me...see ya'll down the road...cheers!!!