Today we left Valentine bright and early in the morning, parked it in Thedford and went for a walk...put in 20.2 miles under 39,560 steps...findings for the day: 1 carabiner, 1 locking "C" link, 1 small bag of washers and 1 live round .270...wildlife sightings: same juvenile bald eagle (identified as such) breakfasting on the same slow raccoon, 1 new flock (herd) of wild turkeys and 1 adult bald eagle...had a good conversation with Duane and Wynona Bolton from Valentine, Duane served in the military as did their daughter, thanks to both of you for your service and thanks for stopping by...a bit chilly today but nice for walking, especially with the tail-wind...moved to Broken Bow and got set up in the rain, now getting colder with the wind picking up...staying at the Wooden Castle RV Park...had dinner at a local spot, the Tumbleweed Cafe, bless the waitress, must have been her first day, knew nothing of the menu, messed up the order and never brought us the check!!!, good thing we weren't in a hurry, she really was TRYING on various levels!!!...interesting town, hopefully we DON'T have to explore it in the snow...Sunday and Monday will be days off to watch football, ice body parts and relax...cheers!!!

Numbers for week #23:

122.5 miles (197.5807 km's)

240,377 steps

$0.54 in change

Walk-to-Date numbers:

1,843.1 miles (2,972.7419 km's) vs budget of 1,840, +3.1 miles

3,486,165 steps