Fridy did not dawn foggy it just was!!! "they" say a real "pea-souper"...22.3 miles (35.9677 km's) with 45,647 steps...found nothing but sand today...wildlife sightings: the same juvenile eagle having breakfast on the same unlucky raccoon, 1 bald eagle and a whole herd (flock) of wild was the 17th anniversary of the passing of my father Gus Werner, so today's walk was dedicated to him, he passed away just shy of his 75th birthday, among other things he had diabetes...the walk ended today around mile post 158 on route 83 south...tomorrow we will move the coach to Thedford, walk the 20.1 miles and then pick up the coach and move to Broken Bow where we will spend Sunday and Monday hunkered down to ride out an anticipated storm, snow maybe, maybe not, we shall see...Veterans Day Sunday (Remembrance Day in Canada) so hug a vet or remember those who are no longer with us and have gratitude for the freedoms that we have...just a little side note, yesterday I scored the trifecta of posting in that I violated three of my primary tenet of speech and posting and paid dearly for it...#1 KNOW THY AUDIENCE...#2 KNOW THY AUDIENCE ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO SOCIAL COMMENTARY...#3 WHEN IN DOUBT REFER TO ITEMS #1 and #2 AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN INTIL THE URGE TO HIT "ENTER" PASSES OR UNTIL STRUCK DUMB!!!...if anyone was offended none was intended, it will NOT happen again...cheers!!!