very nice sunny day with a tail-wind, what more can one ask!?!?!? we finished with 25.6 miles (41.2903 km's) using 50,424 steps...right at the end of the day we crossed the 1,800 mile mark!!!...findings for the day: 1 iPhone, 1 black rubber tie-down strap and 2 rather oxidized pennies...wildlife sightings: several white tailed deer and 1 hawk or juvenile eagle dining on a raccoon that was a tad bit too slow crossing the road...the terrain is rolling hills as far as the eye can see...the hills are all sand and covered with grass, yuccas and other low scrubby plants...route 83 goes right through the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge which consists of a series of marshy lakes home to much water-fowl...lots of semi traffic but the road is wide as are the sandy that the election is over let's get behind the new prez to support him in doing what is right for the country, winner be careful of the arrogance, losers don't bitch just get together to make sure that America succeeds short-term as well as long-term...ME BLESS AMERICA!!!...give your favorite diabetic a hug, support your friends and family fighting cancer, remember those who lost that fight, shake the hand of a veteran and say "thanks", remember those who paid the ultimate price for OUR freedom or who have passed on...see ya'll down the road...CHEERS!!!