JimToday at 10:19 AM we passed from South Dakota into Nebraska...the day was VERY nice, sun shine, warm temperatures BUT a gale force wind!!!, right into my face!!!...20.4 miles (32.9033 km's) with 41,181 steps...findings for the day: 1 dime, i nickel and 1 penny...no wildlife sighted...the terrain in Nebraska is somewhat the same as South Dakota except the rollings hills tend to be very sandy and there are many, Many, MANY more trees,all planted...I had a pleasant conversation with a gentleman on a highway survey crew...the Crete driver continues to honk and wave...weather report for the general area is for cold and snow on Sunday and Monday...I will have to do a quick bit of research to see if it would be prudent to move Saturday about 125 miles south...we shall see, stay tuned...cheers!!!