what a day!!!...20.2 miles with 37,834...findings for the day: 1 Verizon phone charger (functionality yet to be determined)...wildlife sightings: several turkeys, several deer, several prairie dogs and one bunny rabbit...the day started by moving from the Badlands Ranch and RV Resort to about 15 miles west of White River, a kind gentleman let us park the motor home on his property and we proceeded to head east along the way the Reverend Neil Old Lodge offered a prayer on my behalf, about 5 miles out of White River the Jeep decided to stop, perhaps the victim of a drained battery, same symptoms as before only a tad more severe, a kind group of deer hunters had some cables and took me back to the Jeep, Joe from upstate New York spent several minutes to get the Jeep running and followed us back to town to make sure we got in OK...it seems that the Jeep will run but the gas always must be applied otherwise it stops (odd), not being a mechanic I have no idea...in order to complete the day's goal of 20.2 miles it was necessary for my to run about three of the last five (the cheating part, this IS a walk NOT a run!!!)...I had to park the motor home in the dark and in doing so managed to loose a wee bit of paint to a rather small but effective stump!!! (@#%&, $#@% and &$#@!!!) rookie mistake, as Mom would say "nobody died"...tomorrow will be a quick 10-11 miles and then off to Rapid City to do laundry, buy food and spend the night so we can get the slide repaired first thing Monday morning after which we will take the rig to Valentine, Nebraska...only insight for the day is: when parking a motor home, check, double check, triple check and then check some more!!!...as a bonus the Utes beat Washington State today in football (Matt, Jim too bad for you!!!...GO UTES!!!)...the numbers are as follows:

for the week #22:

131.1 miles (211.4516 km's)

245,892 steps (some of them running steps!!!)

$0.16 in loose change

for the trip:

1,720.6 miles (2,775.1613 km's) vs budget of 1,760 showing a deficit of 39.4 miles

3,245,788 steps

$43.60 (I located $0.32 previously unaccounted for)