BC2Albertaone more milestone, British Columbia is now in my rear-view mirror and Alberta is up ahead...made it to the border today plus...26.2 miles (42.2581 km's) with 51,606 steps (51,606 metric steps!!!)...found the following items: 1 thin dime, 1 hitch pin, 1 semi-useable Arctic Cat key ring, 1 small level (untested but in good shape), 1 12-13 open end wrench, 1 3/4 deep socket (spark plugs???), 1 Petro-Points card, 1 metallic orange '70 Pontiac GTO (spoiler slightly bent) and Neil Fiss's driver's licence...a little issue with the car and battery (seems it does NOT like to power lights while not running),turned out to be more of a communication issue than mechanical (such is life!!!)...kind thanks to the person who tosses and empty (sort of) Tim Horton's coffee cup at me from a speeding vehicle!!!, yes there was some loose change in it (hence the "sort of")...I thank the person for their generous contribution (.75!!!) and would request the next time you feel charitably inclined drop a $100 in a red kettle at Christmas and DO NOT throw your IQ's worth of coins out of a moving vehicle!!! (and yes, just so you can brag to your buddies you DID hit me!!!)...2 months to get through BC and should only take about 2 weeks to go through Alberta!!!...bye, bye July, hello August, Seattle one more month of summer, enjoy!!!...cheers!!!