Well Monday the 26th saw 23 even and today due to a rain delay and computer issues (I still have to pay the bills!!!) I put in a rather wet and chilly 19.4...the basic wisdom of the day is the ever true "computers and tequila, tools of the devil!!!)...yesterday took my from Manning Park to just outside Princeton, today took me through Princeton on my way to Osoyos...internet access is on the blink here so we are sitting in the restaurant at the RV park/golf club so this will be a quick "hit 'n run"...may hang around here for a couple of extra days as the golf course looks pretty nice and I have NOT swung a club in a month, we shall see...it is still nice to be greeted with a tap on the horn or a friendly wave, VERY energizing, also, folks please, Please, PLEASE give the cyclists you see a wide berth and the same with any walkers you may encounter...yesterday I stopped at a truckers "brake check" stop and had a rather pleasant conversation with Alfred from Vancouver, also of German heritage and choir singer as well (as was I in high school and college), he mentioned that he had seen me several days earlier and wondered what I was up to, he got a card and a picture, I met a nice guy...many of the same truckers ply the same route as me and I am beginning to recognize them and they are always ready with a blast of the horn, again very energizing...well it is time to wrap it up for the day and get some sleep...cheers to all, Norman thanks for the frequent check ins