22.5 miles (36.2903 km's)…45,304 steps…$1.12 in loose change…findings of the day: 1 cheap no-name flat-head screw driver, 1 #16 gear wrench, 1 Callaway golf ball, 1 Titleist PV-1 golf ball, 1 quarter, 6 dimes, 2 nickels and 17 pennies


We started out out on route 997 and headed south.  After a few miles the road turned into "nursery row".  Little fruit stands, small strip malls, gas stations and nurserys.  Through Homestead and Florida city when we turned south on US 1.  We finished up at mile marker 121.  Mile marker 0 will be the temporary stop in The Walk until the fans arrive on the 14th of April.  At that point there will be about 1 1/2 miles left until we get to the buoy, marking the southernmost point in the continental United States, roughly 4,070 miles from the beginning of The Walk in Whistler, BC.  If all goes well that last little bit will be walked with my son Jonathan (the primary honoree of this adventure), my grandson CJ and any other brave souls how wish to join me.  ALL are welcome!!!  However there still are a few days to walk so focus, Focus, FOCUS!!!


When the day was over Gilbert Melendez and his wife Linda, hosted Valerie and me for dinner.  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience.  These small kindnesses have been common on The Walk.


Wednesday was a moving day.  We left Midway Campground and moved to Southern Comfort RV Park in Homestead, Florida.  We will stay here for a few days and then move the rig down to Key West for the last three walking days.  That will give us a few days to go visit friends in Miami and rest up for the big celebration on the 14th and the subsequent road trip to drop Valerie off in Phoenix and then for me to head for Salt Lake City for Jacob's graduation from the police academy and Jay's wedding.  One of these days I will actually stop long enough to play a round of golf and just SIT!!!   Thursday will be a day off as well to get laundry done and rest a wee bit for the sprint to the finish.  See ya'll in the Keys!!!  CHEERS!!!