22.8 miles (36.7742 km's)…46,046 steps…nothing was found…wildlife sighted: 'gators, 'Gators and more 'GATORS, all manner of exotic (to me) birds, 2 species of turtles and fish…The Walk ended today at the Miccosukee Indian Village on route 41 east in Miami-Dade County.


Today I walked to honor the family members of our dinner waitress on Friday at Joe's Crab Shack in Naples, Samantha.  Wendy and Candy who are currently fighting cancer and Emily who is living with diabetes.  Thank you, Samantha, for sharing your story and very best wishes to your family members.


This is beginning to get a wee bit real as I used to live in this part of the world and have been down this road before, albeit NOT on foot!  The weather was HOT and humid, welcome to south Florida.  There was a wind which was nice. The Jeep thermometer indicated 87 degrees today, it felt 107!  The wind was nice to mitigate the temperature.


Midway Campground is quite nice, other than the fact that it only has electricity at each site and no water and sewer.  We will only be here for three more nights so we should be fine.  The advantages of having a "big rig".  I guess that is what I get for six miles per gallon!!!


See ya'll down the road!!! CHEERS!!!