Tuesday was a total "down" day.  Woke up at six with the alarm then went back to sleep.  Woke up, read a bit, slept a bit, "FaceBook-ed" a bit and generally relaxed.  Dumped the tanks, replaced several light bulbs, cursed a few leaky spots on the motor home.  Looked for some flourescent tubes for the rig but came up empty.  I did stop at an RV dealer just as the parts department was closing but did chat with "Lou" one of the sales people.  We did chat about an extended repair contract for the rig.  Generally I am not fond of those but in the case of this unit it may very be in my best interest.  We shall see.  Lou was a Navy man during Viet Nam, thank you for your service and the integrity that you show towards that service.  I also bumped into a veteran from Wisconsin while getting breakfast, thank you for your service.  A quick trip to a service station for the Jeep to investigate a "check engine" light was determined to be a stuck sensor that will have to be fixed sooner or later, I guess a job for "Mike and the mechanics" in Utah when I go there for Jakes graduation and Jay's wedding.  Still debating whether to take the rig or not.  After all that a quick trip to the beach to just miss the sunset and dinner after with a wallet missing from the appropriate pocket!  Still attempting to replace a few other bulbs in the rig, I guess I WILL figure it out sooner or later.  Cheers!