Thursday June 21st...21.6 miles plus a rock in the this point no ONLY are we past Hope but we ARE beyond Hope!!!...for all you geographers and cartographers we are now on number 3 highway allllllllllll the way to Alberta...had a little hiccup with the power ports today, two front ones are marginally functional, fortunately there is a third in the very back so we can still run the safety light on top of the Jeep...we have an appointment with Murray at the Shell station in Hope Friday at 3:00 PM to address the issue, I think I will see if he can install the replacement radio/CD player so my driver can listen to something other than me...lots of large rigs on the road and one of them coaxed a rock to fly right in the middl of the windshield, $38 later the chip was sealed and we were back on our way...gorgeous day today, ALL day long...we went through about two miles of construction where I was moving faster than traffic and at one point a gentleman in a red convertible handed me a ten dollar bill, very kind of him, now I have find some to whom the favour (eh!?) will be passed on, which brings to mind the other gentleman in a parking lot in Chilliwack who came over the car and dug into his pocket and gave me $1.15, quite frankly it looked like his last $1.15, gotta make sure it gets put to good use...that kind of generosity brings a tear to my eye...tomorrow will be an early day heading into bear country in E C Manning park so we can get a jump on the day prior to paying Murray at the Shell station a visit...just a recap on stuff found along the way:

today a quarter, that plus the seven cents earlier so we have a total of thirty-two cents (Canadian)

one pair of Revo sunglasses

one set of keys to a ski rack

one poker chip

one pink rubber duckie