Route 17 south to route 41 (Tamiami Trail) south...24.4 miles (39.3548 km's), 48,054 steps and $0.30 in change

walking week 41...98.3 miles (153.5484 km's)...195,336 steps...$0.77 in change...on a rain shortened, Lazy Days shortened week


3,782.6 miles (6,100.9677 km's)

7,394,803 steps

$81.10 in funds picked up along the road

Today my soon-to-be-married son, Jay, celebrated his 26th birthday...Happy Birthday Jay Paul Harold Werner.

The day was picture perfect for walking.  Left rather rural route 17 and got on rather urban route 41 (The Tamiami Trail) south.  The day was pretty uneventful as far as The Walk was concerned except for just before the start and after the end.  As we were loading the Jeep this morning I had occaision to chat with several people about what I was up to.  One person, Harold came up to me and indicated that he was a veteran and that he would like to make a contribution.  Thank you, Harold for the service you rendered to the citizens of this country. Thank you as well for your contribution to Camp UTADA.  After The Walk was over for the day we went back to a man that my driver, Valerie had ferreted out earlier in the day.  Lou was in the North African campaign under Patton.  At age 92 he continues to work as a security guard at the Seminole Lakes Country Club.  Thank you for your service and for your generous offer of a round of golf. Interactions like that ALWAYS make my day.  See you all down the road.  Cheers!!!