18.5 miles  (29.8387 km's) with 37,293 steps and $0.11 in change (all pennies)...findings for the day: 1 #8 socket, 1 4" vise grips and 11 pennies...route 60 east until Bartow, Florida then made a south turn on route 17

Today was an abbreviated day.  I do believe the heat, the miles and the time are taking its toll.  At this point I have a Sunday, April 14, 2013 at 2:00 PM scheduled for the completion.  That does give me a few days in the "bank" for emergencies or for days like today when it was rather difficult to get outta bed.  A head wind and heat (80 degrees) made today a wee bit tougher than normal.  The Walk today was dedicated to a cancer survivor, Pat Riviera and to Jack and Janice a married couple of 50 years.  Jack is a Viet Nam vet and is living with diabetes and Janice will know in a few days if she is cancer free.  Thank you for your service, Jack and very best wishes to Janice and Pat.  Our campground has electricity and water but no sewer so I will be off to take a shower in the shower house.  Best to ask ALL the questions prior to tendering payment!!!  Valerie (the driver) had occasion to entertain three young men from the neighborhood for a while.  Best wishes, gentlemen!!!  Looking forward to seeing family and friends soon.  Best wishes to all...cheers!!!