The Walker is VERY tired...thank you sooooo very much to Missy King of "Kountry Girl Salon" and Cristina Lugo of Penn Station Deli & Grill, I bless you for your kindness.  Christina Lugo, one of the co-owners, of Penn Station Deli & Grille was kind enough to "comp" our VERY delightful meal that evening.  One of the outstanding experiences of seeing North America from "ground-level" are the people that I meet.  We are all just "regular folks".  No "red" or "blue" just nice local people. Over the years I have done my share of "giving" and on this trip the "bread" that I have "cast upon the waters" has come back to me, ten-fold.  What goes around comes around.  All seven billion of us doing small, or large, kindnesses to each other, perhaps we really can beat those swords into plough-shares.

The numbers for the day: 24.9 miles (40.1613 km's), 50,194 steps with nothing found.