Sunday turned out to be just that, a very nice sunny day.  Temperatures in the low 70's.  We started just north of the "blip" in the road Iddo and finished just south of Perry on Alt 27.  The road was very straight and tree-lined and when I say "straight" I mean STRAIGHT!  Got more than a few of those real straight, real boring roads ahead.  To amuse myself I put apple cores on the top of fire-ant hills and watch them go crazy.  Lots of squirrels and birds but no 'gators or other live creatures.  There will be plenty to see going through the Everglades, but again, very flat and very straight.

Perry seemed like an interesting town.  Renee at the Pit Stop gas station was quick with a joke and as it turns out a diabetic as well.  Best wishes with that.  Stopped to shake the hand of a Robert Glanton who served in the army during Viet Nam, thank you, SIR, for your service.  There seemed to be an inordinate number of old empty and run-down motels in the town.  I always wonder about things like that.  How come there is a new Holiday Inn Express while the ABC Motel went out of business.  Everything has a story, and I like to hear about them.  Perhaps that is how come I like to tell stories so much.

Right as the day was drawing to a close it started to rain a wee bit along with some lightning several miles away.  Right when the lightning got within a mile I decided NOT to tempt the fates and call it a day.  23.9 miles (38.5484 km's), 47,070 steps and $0.21 seemed to be a respectable day.  Good thing I decided to stop as the rain came down and as I right at 12:14 PM, Monday it is still raining!!!  Monday's walk got called due to rain and Tuesday will be a moving day down the road to Chiefland, Florida.  See ya'll down the road...cheers!