Thursday started out VERY rainy so we got a little extra sleep.  By about noon the rain let up and we headed out into the sunshine and humidity.  Considering where we are going it will ONLY be magnified, certainly the humidity.  I was making pretty good time until I happened upon a couple of elderly gentlemen and thought I would stop and chat.  The area, I believe, was the Herbert district.  As I was chatting with the gentlemen a couple of younger gentlemen approached. As it turns out Taft (Jr, Jr)(I dubbed him such) and Jesse Lett were considerably more talkative.  Taft, Jr. Jr. is to differentiate him from his father Taft, Jr.  As it turns out Jesse spent 20 years in the Army.  After I explained what I was up to we started chatting about a variety of topics.  Between the two of us (Taft, Jr. Jr. mostly just looked on and soaked up what the two "elder statesmen" had to say) we had covered religion, politics, slavery, racisim, life in the South, life in the Interlake area of Manitoba, history, education and a few other "minor" topics.  "Jesse-ology 101" could easily be described as "Arthur-ology 101" or just plain old PRACTICAL living!!!  I find it refreshing to chat with someone who has views closely aligned with mine.  I would dare say that if I lived in the area Jesse and I would be friends and would spend a good deal of time together.  Thank you, Jesse for your service, thank you for your views on life and thank you for sharing your views in such a candid manner.  Best wishes to you in your business AND as you educate ALL people that come in contact with you. Jesse, you are indeed a breath of fresh air.

When the day was over we had walked 12.7 miles (20.4839 km's) using 24,368 steps and picking up one beat up quarter.  I saw one deer, two vultures and one owl.  We ended The Walk today at the intersection of route 84 east and county road 47.  If all goes well we should be crossing over into Florida late Saturday afternoon.  I cannot speak for you BUT I am truly amazed!!!   See ya'll down the road...CHEERS!!!