Walking in the RainToday it rained...and I walked.  The temperature was about 34 degrees with constant rain.  The only thing that varied was how much rain was falling.  After two (almost full) changes of clothing I decided to call it a day.  When the numbers were in I walked 15.7 miles (25.3226 km's), used 33,566 steps and picked up $1.02 2/3.  You ask, how do we get 2/3 of a cent?  This coin was missing about 1/3 of it, looks like someone took a bite out of it.  Findings for the day: 1 1/2" socket, 2 quarters, 2 dimes, 3 nickels and 17 2/3 pennies.  I decided to stop short of my typical 20+ miles as I was soaked to the skin and I knew it would take a looooong time to dry all the clothes so I could get back at it tomorrow.  The treat of the day was meeting John H. Durhman of Wild Goose Studios in Dennard, AR.  John is a man who is truly following HIS dream and enjoying, on a daily basis, HIS "Walk of Life".  Thank you John for tracking us down and sharing your story.  You and your dreams shall travel with me for the duration.  Best wishes to you and much success.  So here we are the end of another year and the beginning of another one.  This is sort of like awaking in the morning and facing another day, the slate is clean and the story is ours to write.  In my case the first part of the year will have a little stroll to Key West as the story.  A way to honor my son LIVING with diabetes (and his colleagues who also LIVE with the disease on a daily basis), a way to honor my nephew who never made it past the cancer, to honor my mother's husband who also lost out to cancer (and to those who are in remission or are continuing the fight, or did not make it) and my way of saying "thank you" to all the men and women who have served in the Canadian and American military and have secured for me my freedoms such that I CAN go for a walk to honor all these people.  I have gratitude for all that I have and all that I am and for all those wonderful people that I call "friends".  My blessings to all the honorees of The Walk, to all those who have assisted me in making this outrageous dream a reality, especially my drivers.  The Walk is simply a dream and an idea without them.  thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!  Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year...CHEERS!!!