Today we had overcast skies with a threat of rain.  As it turned out it was ONLY a threat!  Route 7 is GREAT!, two lane divided highway with wide, Wide, WIDE shoulders.  I love wide flat shoulders (only on my roads!!!).  When the day ended 27.1 miles (43.7097 km's) were in the history books using 51,743 steps.  Findings of the day: 1 very old Dunlop golf ball (with cut), 1 plastic pack of #10 1-1/4" sheet metal screws (7 left of a 30 pack), 1 pink set of Barbie heels and brush (no Barbie), 1 Craftsman 7/16 socket, 1 rather beat up live round (.270 Winchester), 3 quarters, 1 dime, 3 nickels and 4 pennies.  No live wildlife sighted, however the frequency of turtle, opossum and armadillo road-kill is increasing!!!  A special "thank you" goes out to Tom Moran, former runner and marathon man, former Navy man who stopped, chatted and made a contribution to Camp UTADA.  Again, thank you, Tom for your service AND your contribution.  Along the way I bumped into Alex, formerly of the Air Force (20 years) who served during Viet Nam.  Today his duty was a wee bit more benign, selling cracked pecans!  Pretty tasty!  Just as the day was coming to a close I came upon a young man and a pickup that would not start.  In twelve seconds I exhausted all of my mechanical knowledge.  Fortunately Grandpa Ron was on his way to pick up Army Specialist, Ron Hampton, to get him back to his unit.  Thank you, Ron, for your service and all the best to you as you move in a different direction (reserves).  It was a pleasure chatting.  There is still a threat of rain tonight but the forecast is for sunny skies tomorrow.  Each day I like to dedicate the walk to a specific person or group based on whatever impressions I happen get.  Today no impressions, tonight Ross Lim came to mind.  Saturday will be the "other" Ross's day.  Thanks to all the waves, the double-taps and best wishes from the citizens of Missouri as I wander through your state.  CHEERS!!!