It is hard to explain how nice this part of the world is, WHEN ITS NOT RAINING!!!...great day, sun off and on, VERY light scattered showers, enough to keep the walker going...did 19.2 miles and that was after about 45 minutes fighting with walkie-talkies and cell phone, TECHNOLOGY!!! great insights tonight other than odd things at the side of the road:

on the road TO Whistler I saw all sorts of hats and gloves, did they freeze their fingers on the sloops?

those "P" shaped floss tool, who flosses in the car?, apparently an overwhelming number of people between Squamish and Whistler

one blue on white poker chip

the keys to a rather nice Thule system, hope they had a spare otherwise is was all the way back to Vancouver, one rather nice set of sunglasses, unscratched I might add!

and Canadians just like their cousins to the south really, Really, REALLY like to drink and drive!!!

tomorrow brings a very narrow road until I start walking the streets of greater Vancouver so we will attempt to hit it early before substantive traffic...cheers!!!