Today was the 71st anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor that brought the United States of America into World War ll.  I personally am VERY grateful for the sacrifices the men and women of the military, Canadian and American, have made for MY freedom.  Not only then but today as well.  Thank you to the group, young and older, in Pancho's for your service then and now.  Thank you, Joe F, for your service.  In a perfect world we would sit down at the dinner table to negotiate our differences, until that happens a strong deterrent is necessary. Hug your favorite veteran, hug your favorite diabetic and hug your favorite cancer survivor, remember with fondness and gratitude those that have passed on.  Today we walked through Topeka, Kansas.  Started in the north and headed south.  20.2 miles when the day was over (32.5806 km's) with 43,064 steps.  Findings for the day: 1 range ball, 1 car wash token, 3 pennies and 1 quarter.  Wildlife sightings: several phat squirrels and 2 white-tailed deer.  We ended just shy of Carbondale on route 75 south.  Tomorrow we make an east turn.  Yesterday after laundry and breakfast we went to the Combat Air Museum to look at some vintage military aircraft.  Thank you to Bill and Gene for the conversation and the tee shirt, thank you Paul Schmitz for the tour and for the contribution.  Thank you, Curtis and family for stopping today and making a contribution.  Thank you for YOUR service as well. Camp UTADA will certainly find a good use for the funds.  It was a wee bit chilly today and at one point there was even a slight bit of rain...cheers!!!