Tuesday was a wee bit colder at the start of the day, in fact I wondered for about an hour if I was a bit premature in not wearing the long-johns today, turns out that after an hour I was in short sleeves, another very nice sunny day...today I walked for a couple of former co-workers, Nan and Brent's son, one a cancer survivor and the other living with diabetes, VERY best wishes to both of you!!!...the farmers and ranchers hate the weather as there is no rain, your Walker, however quite likes it!!!...once I have left the area let it rain and snow!!!...in Wamego we stopped at the battery store to make sure the Jeep was working well and the new battery was doing as it was intended, turns out it was...met several nice people at the CarQuest shop who pronounced the Jeep in good heath...thank you to Court and Tim former service people who offered to buy a new battery if necessary, thank you, guys for your service and thank you for your generosity...from there we went back to the Paramour Coffee shop where Jim Hovind was just closing for the day, he gave us a couple of pastries and re-filled my cup, after a few pictures and some chats with the locals we headed out passing through Belvue (efficient spelling) and on into St Marys...thank you Julie for the contribution, I know you wanted to buy us dinner BUT the diabetic camp can use the funds more that either Jim or I can use another meal!!!...quotes of the day from barista, JIm Hovind, "there is more that binds us in this country than separates us." and his response to my adage, "computers and tequila, tools of the devil", "used right they BOTH work for me!"...with that I shall go to bed...cheers!!!

the numbers for the day:  20.2 miles...42,303 steps...findings for the day: 1 pocket knife with Purina logo, 1 small hook pin (no hook), 1 small cigar with a blue "It's A Boy" on it (still in cellophane and humidor bag), 1 fishing lure (in package), 2 dimes and 2 pennies...no wildlife sighted

finished up at mile post 345 east bound route 24 just east of St.Mary's