that was it for today...rained half the night and ALLLLLLLL day...considering the traffic on highway 99 there was no way I was going to venture out, if the deluge didn't get we the wash from traffic would, oh well gave me a day to run errands, 48 trips to Canadian tire (love that store, Jonathan you WOULD pee your pants!!!)and a bit of time for the blisters to go down a wee bit...changed out the walkie-talkies as the old ones only worked if I could see the whites of Mom's eyes!!!...set up cell phones and other communication codes if electronic technology completly fails us.. forecast is for more rain just not quite as heavy as today so we shall see how it goes...we did hit the Britannia Mine Museum in Britannia Beach, brought back old memories of my days in Thompson, Manitoba working underground for INCO, 18 years old playing with dynamite and other high explosives, what could possibly go wrong!?!?!?...I did revise the distance travelled yesterday to 17.7 miles as I missed taking into account some rather important steps at the end of the day...tomorrow I plan on sticking a foot into Howe Sound, part of the Pacific Ocean, so when I get to Key West I can hit the Atlantic AND the Gulf of Mexico!!! Starbucks this morning I saw one of the employees wearing a tattoo that read "pain is temporary, pride is permanent", rather appropriate for this excursion...the road tomorrow will be an adventure, Joe if you read this you know what I am talking about as 99 literally hangs from the side of the mountain...see ya'll down the road