Tuesday dawned clear and COLD!!!...fortunately the wind was from the south so I didn't have to walk right into it, HOWEVER I did forget one of my shirts so I was forced to walk faster to make up for one missing shirt!!!...today The Walk was dedicated to Lori Anne and her family, perhaps what I am doing will be an inspiration to remember, with fondness, those who are no longer physically with us and for those who are to move forward, best wishes to all!!!...when the day was done 22 miles even had been walked (35.4839 km's) with 46,085 steps...findings for the day: 1 rather scuffed up quarter...no wildlife sighted...along the way we walked through downtown Fairbury, seemed like a nice little town...in Fairbury I had a pleasant conversation with Steven the Marine (thank you for your service!!!), remember I have an opening for a support vehicle driver as of January 2nd, feel free to join me or one of your colleagues who have completed their service, it would be an honor...I also stopped and chatted with Brent the railroad guy and relived some fond memories of my days working on the railroad...I also had the occasion to chat with a local rancher whose daughter has had diabetes since she was 3, now in her forties, he was kind enough to explain some of the local agricultural processes, being an old farmer from way back when it was rather interesting, best wishes, sir, to your daughter and to yourself, thanks for sharing some of your story...today I walked right through the sunset, one nice thing about the prairies, the sunsets that go on and on AND on!!!...one last rather unpleasant note, when dumping tanks on a motor home make sure there is plenty of light and the hose is SECURELY attached, if not one might find ones self in deep sh#@!!!, nuff said...cheers!!!