We got started this morning heading east with a rather stiff south wind, cold, Cold, COLDDDDDDDD!!!...once I figured out just how to walk in that it wasn't too bad, but then I get back to what I am doing out here...we finished the day with 22.6 miles (36.4516 km's) using 46,865 steps...found nothing other than some narcissistic ropes with which to tighten up the martyr mantle!!!...wildlife sighted: I saw several hawks unidentified to me, gorgeous birds...today I walked for my driver, Jim Doran's family, he too has several friends or loved ones in all three of the groups I wish to honor and support, thank you, Jim!!!

numbers for the week:

108.9 miles (175.6452 km's)

225,488 steps

$1.19 loose change

numbers for Walk-To-Date:

2,066.3 miles (3,332.7419 km's)

3,945,871 steps

$46.36 in loose change