Today's walk was dedicated to David Cole and his son Davey Cole, David served in the Air Force during Viet Nam and Davey is currently serving in the Marines...Friday morning, sun shining and COLD!!!...18 degrees when we left, fortunately the wind was behind was so cold both water bottles froze up!!!...cold weather makes me walk we got 24.5 miles (39.5161 km's) under 51,051 steps...findings for the day: 1 small 3/16" wrench, 1 nylon tie down strap, 1 string of Bud Light Halloween beads and 1 nickel...wildlife sightings: 1 flying hawk (species unidentified by me) and 1 hawk in the ditch (species unidentified by me), I am not sure if he was guarding a kill or if he had some health issues, he did seem to be able to fly...the terrain is now very flat, in fact it reminds me of southern Manitoba around Winnipeg, which makes sense as we are directly south of Winnipeg...Sunday we will move the motor home to somewhere in Kansas and The Walk should be into Kansas sometime next week...a special thank you to Bill Parkins who dropped off a donation, it will be well used by Camp Utada, thanks again!!!...cheers!