Sunday February 23 , 2020
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This blog will follow Art's experiences as he walks across America on The Walk of Life. You can share your support for him or talk about your dedications to your loved ones that you have lost or are fighting some illness. Please leave comments and words of encouragement!

Walking Day #118...Saturday, December 22, 2012...I guess we survived...breaking in the new guy

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on Sunday, 23 December 2012 in The Walk Blog

Thursday this whole area was cold and snow fell from Ozark to Kansas City.  Several roads up there were snow packed and icy.  In spite of the weather Jim got to the airport with plenty of time to spare.  By the time I got home it was late so I just climbed in bed and went to sleep.  Friday I spelt in until 9:00 AM, did a little cleaning, a lot of laundry then headed down to Branson to pick up my brother, Victor, my new support vehicle driver for the next couple of weeks.  After I picked Vic up I finished the cleaning then we headed to the Argentine Steak House in Springfield.  The payoff for a Ute victory was a rather tastey medium rare, porterhouse steak, YUM!!!  Our waiter, Travis, was particularly attentive and as it turns out has parents who shall now travel with me "in the bag" for the remainder of the trip. Thank you, Travis for sharing.  On the way back to the motor home we stopped for gas where I bumped into "Jeff" a diabetic who was kind enough to make a contribution to Camp UTADA, thanks Jeff!

Today the new guy got broken in as we walked right through the middle of Springfield.  We started about five miles north of Springfield and stopped in Nixa.  When the day was over 23.2 miles had been walked using 48,563 steps.  Findings for the day: 1 range ball, 1 9/16" wrench, 1 #8 socket, 2 quarters (one folded in half), 5 dimes, 3 nickels and 28 pennies.  Today was a record 38 coins picked up.  No substantive wildlife seen.  When we got home Vic finished hanging the Christmas lights while I fixed dinner.  Weather was sunny and pleasant, almost good enough to lose the long johns.  Tomorrow will be a half day so football can be watched.  The following are the numbers for walking week 29:

89.3 miles (144.0323 km's)

184,113 steps

$2.47 in loose change


2,493.9 miles (4,022.4194 km's)

4,830,105 steps



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Vic The Support Car Driver Monday, 24 December 2012

I finally got to experience The Walk of Life with my brother, Art. As my son, Ross, is one of the honorees of the walk, my wife and I felt we could be apart at Christmas for the first time in 32 years. Art gave you the route above. As support car driver, I am just that...a support. I follow behind, but mostly park and then drive up and park again. It is particularly difficult when go through an urban area as it is often difficult to find a safe place to park.

Overall it is a great honor to be there with him as he continues his journey. Please consider giving some of your time to join Art as his support car driver on January 3rd.

Jim Doran Thursday, 27 December 2012

Jim here. Although it was touch an go if I would get out of Kansas City (all the flights were cancelled except mine), I was able to fly back to Seattle and got home about 11pm. It was a pleasure helping Art do this walk. It is being done for a good cause. I would encourage anyone else that wants to assist with this activity to contact him.

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