Saturday April 04 , 2020
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This blog will follow Art's experiences as he walks across America on The Walk of Life. You can share your support for him or talk about your dedications to your loved ones that you have lost or are fighting some illness. Please leave comments and words of encouragement!

Walking Day #111, Wednesday, December 12,2012...see ya me Missouri!!!

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on Thursday, 13 December 2012 in The Walk Blog

Wednesday was a mirror image of Tuesday with a slight southerly breeze.  Since I was walking east, no big deal and for the 1/4 mile of walking north, GREAT!!!  199 Street gave way to State Line Road which gave way to 195 Street which gave way to "Y" Road (don't get excited, Vic!!!)  At 3:25 PM, Central time I bid a fond farewell to Kansas with its roads being completely shoulder-less into Missouri which so far as even LESS shoulders but also less traffic.  Once the day was over I had walked 22.3 miles (35.9677 km's) and taken 46,418 steps (most of which were on the SIDE of the road).  The findings for the day: 1 tennis ball, 1 "Rock-Flite" golf ball, 1 USB cable (appears to be functional), 1 die with various cartoon characters, 1 cheap socket extension and 2 pennies.  No wildlife other than red-tailed hawks and squirrels.  A VERY special "THANK YOU" goes out to the Subaru driving "Danny" who stopped me on 199 Street early in the day.  According to him, "I just got back from the bank.", and peeled off a rather generous donation, no receipt required.  Interestingly enough my walk today was dedicated to "Nate Gedge, Dave Okubo and Camp UTADA".  Camp UTADA, I am sure, will put Danny's generous gift to good use in assisting young people living with diabetes.  In fact, Danny, your stopping was rather timely as I was questioning the fact that a new driver has yet to show up.  My belief system says that the right and perfect driver WILL show up at the right and perfect time and that my part in all of that is to make sure the sheets are clean, the fridge is stocked and then GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!  Another delight was a brief chat with "Aunt" Julie just outside of Stilwell, Kansas.  Julie's sister runs a catering business and as part of her public relations and advertising she has a mobile food truck.  Wednesday happens to be her day to park at this specific intersection.  I unfortunately stopped by just after I had eaten my lunch and as the truck was closing up.  I am sure they would have rustled something up but after my 111th peanut butter sandwich!?!?!?  Julie writes a blog about "life".  I wish I had a bit more of an attention span so I too could write a blog, as it is a few musings from an OCD, ADHD challenged mind get passed off as a blog.  I look forward to reading some real stuff!!!  Speaking of rest stuff I read something today on the back window of a pick-up truck "Everybody dies, but not everyone lives".  Jim (my current driver) and I have chatted about this a great deal.  We are doing the things that heretofore we have only talked about, so we are LIVING!!!  People may say that going to Haiti to do disaster relief or riding a motorcycle to Alaska is not living, some people would say that walking from Whistler to Key West is not living.  I can assure you when I am taking my last few breaths I WILL be thinking about crossing from Kansas to Missouri and NOT about sitting in the office.  One served me in order to get to the other.  WHAT an adventure!!!  Thank you, Danny, for giving the gift, many more thanks for BEING the gift!!!   Thank you, Julie, for the inspirational chat. (You just never know!!!)  Tomorrow we pick it up again on into Peculiar, Missouri and beyond.  CHEERS!!!

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Victor Thursday, 13 December 2012

I really like reading that you are in the state next to Arkansas. Look forward to being your support car driver for a couple of weeks. Wish it could be all the way! As you said, the right person will come along at the right time.

Joni Bund. The MOM Thursday, 13 December 2012

Well Art, I love your blogs! I wonder why? The closest I can now get to your walk.LOL. For me, it was an adventure of a lifetime, and now I am looking forward to the closing chapter. Love and more prayers. MOM

Carol Friday, 14 December 2012

Saw and met Mr. Werner on YY Highway in Peculiar, Missouri, about 9:30 this morning. We chatted briefly. I'm rather enjoying the story. Unknowingly, he had nearly passed my own home about 4 miles back. Recall having read about or seen this on the news. Never imagined meeting him. I'll bet he has some great tales to tell. Wishing safety and happiness as he continues his trek across these beautiful states and honoring those for whom he is walking. ~Carol Johnston~

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